• Kathryn Landherr MD, OB-GYN

    • Medical Team

    As an integrative MD and gynecologist, I am passionate about Femmenescence, and its effectiveness in supporting so many areas of hormone-related discomfort for women in a completely natural way.

    Even more exciting is the solid research that proves it, and the actual patient experiences that confirm it.

  • Shawn Tassone MD, PhD, OBGYN

    • Medical Team

    As an Integrative Gynecologist for over 20 years I have researched every solution for my patients. My search ended when I found Femmenessence.

    It is now where I start every woman and the only product with research showing statistically significant effects on hormones. The positive results speak for themselves, as it is the one product my patients stay on, because it works.

  • Tori Hudson Naturopathic Doctor

    • Medical Team

    I have used Femmenessence MacaPause, MacaLife and MacaHarmony for 8 years in my women’s health practice. It has become a mainstay botanical approach for my peri- and post-menopausal patients. In particular for hot flashes, night sweats, general fatigue, mood changes and even libido.

    I also often use Femmenessence for added heart and bone health support. I am a big advocate of Femmenessence, as it has given me a tool I didn’t have to help me, help more women.

  • Jan Roberts B.Pharm (Hons), Dip. Clinical Nutrition

    • International Fertility Expert
    • Medical Team

    Health is my passion – from healthy babies to healthy aging and everything in between. So finding the best products that get results for me and my patients is key.

    At 68, my hairdresser constantly comments on my healthy skin and hair, that's due to Femmenessence supporting my hormones.

  • Henry Meissner Ph.D

    • Director Research & Development
    • Medical Team

    Researching plants and how they can heal the body has been my passion for over 40 years. Little did I know that my trip to Peru in 1998 to investigate maca would result in one of the biggest breakthroughs of my career – Femmenessence, proudly, the only natural product to demonstrate, in clinical trials, statistically significant effects on hormones in peri- and post-menopausal women.

  • Mona Fahoum Naturopathic Doctor

    • Medical Team

    I have been using the FemmenessencePRO line and RevolutionPRO for a number of years because I can trust the quality and concentration from the farm to the patient every time for consistent results.

    That is what my patients and I expect - that is what they deliver!

  • Corey Schuler DC, MS, LN

    • Medical Team

    In private practice, patients want solutions that work quickly, effectively, and without side effects.  I use a lot of different methods and natural products but Femmenessence is one that I find can significantly impact a woman's life.

    I happily recommend it and patients are happy to at last find a solution.

  • Mark Sklar LAc (CA), DA (RI), MSTOM, FABORM

    • Medical Team

    For the last eight years I have been using Femenessence at my Reproductive Wellness Practice, and it has become part of my foundational protocol. It is the only form of maca I allow my female patients to take because it gives the results I want and my patients need. It works!”*

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