Raw Materials


Symphony Natural Health is a vertically-integrated company, which means we manage every stage of production from planting the seeds to delivering our products to your door. Our control of the complete process enables us to create a unique range – the highest quality, 100% natural, nutraceutical range on the market.

100% natural & organic means that the vegetarian capsule and the 100% natural herbal powder inside are the ONLY components of our products. No preservatives, chemicals, alcohol, extractives, fillers, excipients or flowing agents are used in any of the processes leaving the product 100% natural and at therapeutic efficacy levels.

The fields in which Maca-GO® are grown are USDA, EU, and JA Organically Certified. This quality control continues through our manufacturing and packaging process with each facility GMP, Kosher and USDA Organically certified. All our products also comply with EU heavy metal regulations.

Highest Quality Raw Materials

However, the first and integral part in creating a finished product that is 100% natural, organic, and contains the entire spectrum of active ingredients, is the raw material. SNH’s research program starts in the field. In specific countries around the world, we locate and select the herbal plantations that provide us with raw materials of the highest quality. The business partnerships that SNH has established worldwide mean that we either own or fully control the entire production sequence. This sequence begins with the planting, cultivation, and harvest and includes controlling the product through drying and herbal-powder processing, before shipping to be manufactured in GMP-certified facilities in the US, Japan, Australia or Europe.

This process means that we pay strict attention to all of the following factors:

  • specific species, subspecies, and phenotypes
  • plantation locations
  • soil and agro-management
  • rainfall and lunar cycles
  • harvest times in relation to growth and developmental stage of the plant and/or the diurnal cycle
  • harvest methods that minimize damage to the herb
  • variable drying technologies that depend on the herb and its primary purpose
  • temperature-controlled shipping

Years of research have enabled us to perfect the logistics of our entire supply, manufacturing and distribution process. We have created a fully, vertically-integrated supply chain that maximizes quality while enabling SNH to be price competitive. This integration also secures long-term supply and ensures our ability to grow in line with consumer demand.


SNH’s Product Specific Manufacturing Processes

Presented below is an analytical comparison of Maca-GO® to two of the major maca extracts on the market by TLC spectro-analysis. You will see that Maca-GO® contains the entire spectrum of active ingredients that exist in maca as well as higher levels of the specific ingredients chosen by the two companies that manufacture a maca extract. SNH does not use any form of chemical or alcoholic extraction to concentrate our products. Rather, SNH has developed a patent-pending process (U.S. Application Serial No. 60/819,583).

  1. 1Femmenessence
  2. 2Arginin standard
  3. 310:1 maca extract (US)
  4. 44:1 maca extract (Europe)
  5. 5Prolin standard
  6. 6Femmenessence

  1. 1Femmenessence
  2. 210:1 maca extract (US)
  3. 310:1 maca extract (US)
  4. 44:1 maca extract (Europe)
  5. 5Sinigrin – standard
  6. 6Femmenessence

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